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Ezel Nursery and Primary School (ENPS) is a quality driven school in rural Pallisa, Uganda. We have a commitment to bridging the quality edcucation divide between the rural and urban children. We have been changing the face of education in Agule, Pallisa since 2017 and transforming the lives of our community through education.

At Ezel, we want to see children develop and progress in an enabling environment, that offers opportunities for them to have a bright future. Opportunities to live life to their fullest potential. read more

Vision & Mission

For all children to have access to Quality Education that will enable them to achieve academic, physical, social and Spiritual excellence.

To provide a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment in which children can learn and develop through study and play


Fear of God

The belief that we are created by God, and so are we accountable to. We not only live for ourselves but we also live to please our maker.


Loving your neighbour as you love yourself is key. Doing to others what you would want them to do to you.


'Respect for each other and our environment'. Being mindful of each others feelings and accepting of the differences among us.

Commitment &Purpose

Staying the course with purpose. Working towards the goal with dedication and knowing that hardwork and patience is what pays.


All we have is from God. In view of this, we have an obligation to responsibly use all financial, physical and human resources


We want to be intentional about doing the right things and doing them right. Giving 100% of our abilities and striving for perfection.

Academic Priority

The management and staff of ENPS are committed to the development of teaching/learning material together with programs that effectively address the learning needs of our learners.


Educating and equipping the next generation to impact and leave a footprint in the world we live in.

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Acumen Emergency Fund

Our Director, Mr. Opolot Ephraim currently doing a fellowship with Acumen is one of the receipts of the Acumen Emergency Fund (AEF) aimed at assiting ENPS continue serving the children of Agule. During this difficult COVID Time.

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August 2020

Ezel Home Learning Program

Ezel Nursery and Primary School, scaled its home learning program.

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March 2020

School Closed

We closed on the 20 March 2020 following a presidentail directive in an effort to control spread of the Coronavirus. We shall remain closed until such a time when government allows schools to resume operations. However in the meantime, we are serving our pupils through our home learning program

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