Home Learning Program

Following the closure of schools.

On Friday, 20th March 2020, all schools in Uganda were closed as part of the presidential directives on the containment of the global coronavirus pandemic. Being a rural school in a community where only 4.8% of the population have access to electricity and only 3.7% have access to the internet, the closure of schools meant that learning had to completely cease for most of these children.

As a result of this reality, we started a home learning program that relies on the distribution of printed learning materials. We deliver weekly worksheets to our learners and then the teachers undertake weekly assessments while home visits are arranged for learners with identified challenges.

We are thankful to Acumen Foundation for providing us with funds that enabled us acquire the equipment for producing learning materials and making it possible for us provide more material to our learners and opening up our program to other children in and around the Agule, Pallisa community

a home visit to one of our pupil's home
a home visit to our pupil's home Our teacher conducting a home visit to one of our pupil's home

Children on the home learning program
Pupils Enrolled @ Ezel
Worksheets Distributed